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My Story Of "BIG RED" a 1967 Buick
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Frank (Mr, K.) Kozlowski Kingman, Arizona

After my time in the Marine Corps was over I came home and thought, it is time for me to buy my first car. While looking around at what was available I almost decided to buy a 1967 Mercury Cougar. It was one beautiful car, of course it had all the extras and it was only $4,100.00.

But before I purchased it I went to see my Dad who worked at a Buick Dealership. Before going inside I saw the 1967 Buicks on display in the dealers lot. They were beautiful, and the price was the same Cougar. However, the Buick LaSabre was 17 inches longer!

Bingo! That was it! So I quickly ordered the Buick LeSabre with all the extras except no rear defroster and no electric windows. My dad told me the roll up windows are much more dependable.

My first new car, and boy was I was excited! It would be apple red, with gold uphostery, and an incredible $350.00 Hi-Fi AM-FM Radio! So the deal was made.

I waited for 2 months and finally Detroit sent my car. The salesman I bought it from was 65 years old and said he had been selling cars for 45 years, and when my car finally came in he said it was the prettiest car he had ever sold.

My Buick LeSabre was picked up on June 2, 1967. Today is July 15, 2019, and yes, 52 years later my car "Big Red" still looks and drives like a million bucks. Needless to say, no amount of money could buy this car from me. It is, always was, and always will be mine, until I die!!!!!!!!!!

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