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A Greener, Smarter, Just Plain Better way to build!

A complete thermal brake pre-engineered, pre-insulated steel framed building panel that is mold, mildew and termite resistant. No skilled labor to install, no heavy equipment required, any type cladding outside or inside, and no material waste.

What are they? It is a steel frame injected with Expanded Polystyrene beads, creating panels that range fro approximately 6 inches wide to 48 inches wide, and a maximum height of 12 feet.

The panels offer high insulation and you should be able to save more than 50% on your utility bills when teamed up with other energy star products.

The cost of AIRLIGHT Building Panels is a little more than stick built construction. However when you figure you don't need skilled construction people to put up a 2800 sq. ft. unit (in two days), you have already saved on labor and material loss.

AIRLIGHT Building Panels do not warp, twist, or crack with age. The effective "R" value of AIRLIGHT Building Panels is R33.

How are the panels used? They are used to construct Homes, Condos, Farm Workshops, Guard Shacks and Commercial projects. The panels combine structural framing, insulation and vapor barrier. The panels can be used for exterior and interior walls, partitions, floors and roofs. The attach to one another with attachment plate and self-tapping screws and come with openings for doors and windows. There is no need to add sheathing for a shear factor, the AIRLIGHT Building Panels have a racking rating per linear foot that exceeds the minimum requirements by most building departments.

Home Completed - Frame Below
Building Completed - Frame Below
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"Motivated by the cost of construction and raising utilities, we knew there had to be
a better way to protect the environment. ALLLIGHT Building Panels meet that challenge!"

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